Sunday, 28 February 2010

John Hayes' E4 Challenge

As some of my IDeA colleagues will be aware, John Hayes (Director of Services and Development) is retiring later this year. However, it's not the comfy slippers or favourite armchair that calls, since John is already planning his next adventure. He is planning to walk from Tarifa in Spain to Budapest in Hungry along the route of the euro path, the E4. In total about 5,500 kilometers. There's not many 'firsts' left in this life - Everest has been conquered, the North-West Passage found, Sweden has the first Ski-through MacDonald's (yes, it's true!), but has anyone ever completed the E4 walk? That is one of the questions John has posed on his blog , which is the place to go if you want to follow his progress in planning and executing this adventure.

As a keen walker myself (Inca Trail, Mt Kinabaloo, Mt Kilimanjaro) I have to admit to being a tad envious of John in making the time and space in his life to do this. My own retirement plan of settling down in the Lake District looks very unambitious by comparison! Anyway, as you will see if you follow John's progrees, there will be opportunities of joining him for various sections of the walk. I just need to tell my wife that next year's planned holiday to Mauritius may need to be rescheduled. That will be an interesting conversation!

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