Thursday, 7 April 2011

Google bonus linked to +1 success

I've never been quite clear why Google thinks it has to be a social network. Let Facebook and Twitter get on with doing that - after all they're never going to be able to deliver anything that can dislodge users from those networks - both of which have a critical mass. I assume that they're not foolish enough to think that the +1 thing (similar to Facebook's Like) is going to pull people into the Google network.

It would be far better (IMHO) if they concentrated on building some cohesion between all of their excellent (and mainly free) products, (Google Apps, Picassa, YouTube, Reader, Blogger, Sites, Groups etc.) in order to create a compelling (and simple to implement) Enterprise 2.0 offer for business.

I just hope none of their employees are banking on getting a bonus this year (or next)!

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Google's +1 social search service has a couple of legs up on these other social initiatives. First, it's refreshingly simple -- unlike Wave, for example. Second, it's an add-on to Google's core business of search, so it probably won't be allowed to wither and die quietly.

But it probably won't be enough to stop Facebook and other social services like Twitter from grabbing an increasing share of attention and time from users. And where the users go, eventually the ad dollars follow.

Google is still a great place to find general information, and adding a social element will make that information better. But it won't replace the interactions between friends, colleagues, and respected strangers that take place every day on Facebook, Twitter, and other rising social sites like LinkedIn.


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