Friday, 23 April 2010

Knowledge Hub Hotseat (transcript)

The following is a transcript of the Knowledge Hub ‘Hot Seat’ on-line question and answer session that took place on 26th February 2010 on the IDeA CoP Platform.
 Further information about the Knowledge Hub is available at:

Transcript from the video:

Just a brief introduction to the knowledge hub, about what it is. I think the best way of explaining this is to think in terms of you, have you ever had problems finding information amongst all over conversations going on out there? Yes you can do a Google search and you might be lucky and find the information relevant to you, but the fact is these days there are more and more conversations and they are increasingly disaggregated. Anybody can set up a new network, anybody can actually blog and twitter about things. What the Knowledge Hub will do is bring all these conversations, whether they are tweets, blogs, community conversations or feeds from individual websites, all of that information can be pulled together in one place.
The clever bit that the Knowledge Hub does is be able to aggregate all this content in one place and make some sense of it. We can then link information (data) to conversations, so that we can identify where the conversations, say, around planning or efficiency are happening. So using the knowledge hub, you as a person looking for that information or wanting to participate in those conversations or discussions, or looking to get knowledge will actually know where to go because the knowledge hub will signpost where these key conversations are happening.
The add value to this is, because we are bringing data in as well, data on things like efficiency and performance, people using the knowledge hub can start creating their own value added applications. They can start looking at things like ‘mash-ups’ and comparing performance against benchmark data and other statistics. So we’re encouraging people who use the knowledge hub to create their own applications and make them available through things like an application store, so that anybody in can use these as ‘widgets’ that work with iGoogle or their iPhones or other PDA.
So I’m happy to give you anymore information as part of this hotseat session and will try and answer any questions that you have.

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