Monday, 22 March 2010

Digital Economy Bill - have you had your say?

The Government is getting ready to rush the Digital Economy Bill into law.

They're planning to force the law through Parliament before the election giving themselves far-reaching new powers to cut people's internet connections, block websites and restrict public wi-fi.

These huge new powers need proper scrutiny, the need to be debated and subjected to public debate - not forced through without a chance for opposition to be heard.

Over the last few days over 11,000 of us have written to our MPs voicing our concerns about rushing the Digital Economy Bill into law without Debate. Will your write to your MP now? It takes just two minutes:

In just a few weeks MPs are hoping we'll vote for them in the General Election. That gives us an opportunity to persuade them not to force through these draconian new internet laws  - if we can convince them it's unpopular, they'll think twice about doing it just before they have to face their voters.

Opposition is growing. Web giants like Google, Yahoo, BT and TalkTalk oppose the plans. A people-powered avalanche of emails could just be enough to stop the government from forcing these measures into law.

Please write to your MP now and tell them why the Digital Economy Bill should face a proper parliamentary debate, not rubber stamping.

Just click on this link to get started:

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